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Call for Submissions, Issue 103



This issue is open to a wide range of submissions. We want to consider current and recent state of films and filmmaking in Canada and around the world. From Global Hollywood and the business structure of blockbusters, superhero franchises and changes in marketing and exhibition to critical analysis of genres, directors and particular films. From the rise of Netflix and streaming television to national variations and challenges, theoretical and aesthetic issues and political and social change and struggle.

Submissions and queries to Scott Forsyth sforsyth@yorku.ca

Deadline: August 15, 2023



Contributors should respond to Calls for Submission on specific themes. We also welcome submissions independent of these themes on all subjects of interest to international film and media spectators, critics and scholars. We expect contributors will be engaged with the politics of film and culture and encourage debate and argument. Articles should be written in a style that is lucid and accessible.  Our audience includes university scholars but we reach beyond the academy to all readers interested in the pleasures and complexities of the cinema.

Submissions may be short reviews of films or film books, up to 2000 words, review essays or longer historical or theoretical discussions preferably no more than 6000 words.

Notes should be used sparingly. Citations should be included in endnotes following the format recommended in The Chicago Manual of Style. Initial mention of a film should be followed by year of distribution in brackets.

Please include a one or two line bio.

Submissions and queries to cineaction@cineaction.ca.