Editorial:  THE LAST ISSUE   –   Susan  Morrison 

End(ing) Notes:

–  Florence Jacobowitz

–  Richard Lippe

– Scott Forsyth


Thirty Years on Film:

Dominant Tendencies of 80s Hollywood Revisited Thirty Years Later   –   Robert Alpert

From Film School to Film’s Cool: A Manifesto   –    Jean-Pierre Geuens

What Ever Happened to Hollywood?   –   Richard Rushton & Gary Bettinson

Identity & the Politics of(Self) Representation: Women in Chinese Cinema 1985-2015   –  Jinhua L i


Close Readings Plus:

The Ideological Train to Globalization: Bong Joon-ho’s The Host & Snowpiercer   –   Brandon Taylor

 “ Grief is Worthless”: Identity, Consequence, and Close-ups in The Counselor   –   Lee Clark Mitchell

On the Off-screen Voice: Sound & Vision in Spike Jonze’s Her   –   Troy Bordun

Hitchcock’s Vertigo   –   Richard Lippe

Reconfiguring Conventions in Three Recent War Films   –   Michael Boughn