SCOTT FORSYTH       Editorial


SETH FELDMAN      Winsor McCay’s The Sinking of the Lusitania and the Origins of Animated Documentary

RAQUEL SCHEFER   “The way forward is the way back”

Colonial and anti-colonial archives:the historiographic operation as a film praxis

ALICE MAURICE    Uncanny Documentary

PATRICIA AUFDERHEIDE Conversations about impact in documentary: Beyond Fear & Loathing

On a Morality of Filming:    A conversation between Rithy Panh & Deirdre Boyle

ANANDANA KAPUR & SONALI SHARMA    Trajectories of Interactivity in Indian Documentary Practice

ELIF AKÇALI & CÜNEYT ÇAKIRLAR      A Form of Proto-Cinema: Aesthetics of Werner Herzog’s

Documentary Essayism

THOMAS KIRBY     Fishermen to Architects :  How is new immersive technology shaping the

21st Century Documentary?

AMIR KHAN          Representing Justice in The Act of Killing  and The Unknown Known

BEBE NODJOMI       Remembering Iran’s 2009 through Ali Ahadi Samadi’s The Green Wave