CineAction 95:Global Nightmare: Horror & Apocalypse

Hollywood’s Uncritical Dystopias – Tanner Mirrlees

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and Diary of the Dead: Recording History – Robert Alpert

The End of All Things: Overcoming the End of the World in American Cinema – Elena Woolley

Michael Haneke’s Time of the Wolf: After the End, Only the Inescapable Present – Jimmy Weaver

The End of the World: A Heideggerian Interpretation of Apocalyptic Cinema – Dan McFadden

The Walking Dead as a Critique of American Democracy – Isaac Berk

The Capitalist and Cultural Work of Apocalypse and Dystopia Films – David Christopher

Peter Harcourt (1931–2014) – Scott Forsyth


2014 Toronto International Film Festival:

Episode of the Sea: A Double Eulogy – Susan Morrison

Winter Sleep: Love, Justice & Class in Anatolia – Adriana Delgado