CineAction 94 Contents


The International Language of Espionage:

Melodrama, The Americans, and the Global Television Imaginary – by Meredith Slifkin

Mad Men, the Historical Novel, and Social Change – by William Bartley

Long Form Televisual Narrative and Operatic Structure in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal – by Maria Ionita

Rehabilitating Imperial Glory: Or Rome Finishes What Gladiator Started – by Malcolm Morton

Working Toward a Television Canon – by Thomas A. Foster

Are Sitcoms the Future of West African Cinema? – by Boukary Sawadogo

Read It Today, See It Tonight: Extratextuality and the Silent Film Serial – by Justin J. Morris



Skaterdater: Short Film, Long Ride – by Cynthia Felando

Reading the Ruins: Solomon Nagler’s perhaps/We – by Colin Arason

The Artistry of Walerian Borowczyk –by Alison Frank


Anatomy of Anatomy of a Murder – by Richard Teleky

The Journey of Cecile Shu Shuen Tang, Hong Kong’s First Female Independent Filmmaker: In Her Own Words – by Alice Shih