Sharon Lockhart and Steve McQueen: Inside the Frame of Structural Film
by Edward Bacal

A Room of Its Own: Screening Space and Spectatorial Experience in Yang Fudong’s Fifth Night and Omer Fast’s Continuity
by Maria San Filippo

The War on Art and Zero Dark Thirty
by Michael Boughn

Framing Death and Desire: Painted Portraits in Film Noir
by Steven Jacobs and Lisa Colpaert

Concerning the Spiritual in Art: Magnificent Obsession and the Language of Expressionist Painting
by Victoria L. Evans

From Hephaistos to the Silver Screen: Living Statues, Antiquity & Cinema
by Vito Adriaensens

I Know It When I See It: Mona Lisa on the Move
by Kalani Michell

The Aesthetics of Slaughter: Leviathan in Context
An Interview with Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel
by Allan MacInnis

Seasons of Pain and Change: TIFF’s “A Century of Chinese Films”
by Alice Shih

Le Festival International de Films de Fribourg 2013
by Alison Frank