Man(n) of the West(ern)
by Robin Wood

A Catalan Gaze Upon Ireland: Jose Luis Guerin’s Innisfree
by Jerry White

Dostoevsky’s Journey to Iran
by Anton Oleinik

Machines For Acting
Soviet Constructivist Theatre and the Use of Vertical Space in the Films of Joseph Losey
by Peter Jameson

Doubting Thomas: Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up
by George Porcari

Seeing Eye Gods: CCTV and Surveillance in Tati’s and Kubrick’s 1960s Space Odysseys
by Brian Gibson

The Actress: Art and Reality
by Richard Lippe

In The Seberg Style
by Arthur Nolletti Jr.

TCM Film Festival 2012
by Richard Lippe

De Palma’s Vertigo: Femininity and Formal Design in Obsession
by David Greven

Contaminated Histories: Canadian Postcolonialism in Guy Maddin’s Tales From The Gimli Hospital
by David Church