by Susan Morrison

Love in the Time of Calvary: Romance and Family Values in Crucifixion Films
by Brian Walter

The Return of the Realist Spy Film by Luis M. Garcia-Mainar

Hiding From Significance: Documented Disinterestedness in Winnebago Man
by Amir Khan

Lefties and Hippies and Yuppies, Oh My! David Cronenberg’s Scanners revisited
by Michael Pepe

Sex, Science and the “Female Monstrous”: Wood Contra Cronenberg, Revisited
by Allan MacInnis

Ideology in Christopher Nolan’s Inception by Andrew Winchur

Wajdi Mouawad in Cinema: ORIGINS, WARS AND FATE by May Telmissany

Light in Dark Spaces: A Review of Allan Sekula and Noel Burch’s
Film Essay The Forgotten Space (2010) by Jill Glessing

The Thinking Queer’s Pornographer: Bruce LaBruce, Art/Porn and the Politics of Co-optation
by Jasmine McGowan

Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria by Alison Frank