“In the Web of David Cronenberg: Spider and the New Auteurism,” Reni Celeste
“Thoroughly Modern Maddin,” David Pike
“Canadian Social Documentary in the Age of Michael Moore: The Corporation and The Fix,” Seth Feldman
“Gay Guerrilla Filmmaking and Terrorist Chic: Toronto Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce Discusses His Latest Art/Porn Feature, The Raspberry Reich,” Matthew Hays
“Caress, The Decay: Queer Desire in he Nature of Nicholas ,” Andrew Lesk
“The Local and the Global Revisited: Un 32 AĆ“ut sur terre,” Darrell Varga
“You Watch To Much TV, Kid: Causalities of Cultural Colonialism,” Robert L. Cagle
“Tedium and Torture: Fight Club, Globalization, and Professionals in Crisis,” John McCullough
“Allegorical Figurations and the Political Didactic in Bulworth,” Reagan Ross
Toronto International Film Festival 2004