“The Same, But Different: The Awful Truth about Marriage, Remarriage, and Screwball Comedy,” Kathrina Giltre
“Screwball and the Masquerade: The Lady Eve and Two-Faced Woman,” Robin Wood
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“Luis Bunuel: A Tribute,”
“Handy-Dandy: Bunuel’s Susana,” Tony French
“Beautiful People,” Robin Wood
“Eden and Beyond,” Jason Wilcox
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 2000
“Interview with Fridrik Thor Fridriksson,” Robin Wood
“Diversity or Dumb Reality: Speculations on Canadian Film and on Sea of Blood by Richard Fung,” Peter Harcourt
“Above and Beneath: Francois Ozon’s Sous le sable,” Richard Lippe
“Amos Gitai’s Kippur,” Florence Jacobowitz
“Asian Fusion: Some Notes on the Hybridization of the ‘Heroic Warrior’ Genre,” Susan Morrison
“Platform,” Shelly Kriacer
“Juan Carlos Tabio, Cuban Cinema, and The Waiting List,” Scott Forsyth