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How to Read Iron Man
The Economics, Geopolitics and Ideology of an Imperial Film Commodity
by Tanner Mirrlees

The Battle of Algiers
Towards a Revolutionary Space
by William Repass

“It’s All About Mercy”
Aki Kaurismäki and the Art of Getting By
by Marc Saint-Cyr

Post-Racial Pipedreams
Race and Class in The Blind Side
by Greg Burris

El día que me quieras/The Day That You’ll Love Me
Che, Intertextuality, Memory, and the Power of Images
by Patricia Varas & Catherine Ann Collins

Minorities Depicted in Comic Book Filmic Adaptations
by Michael Lipiner

Scandal in the Name of Truth
Hollywood Movies and the Violation of Moral Propriety
by Anne Crémieux

Shuddh Desi Romance
Impurely Bollywood
by Ajay Gehlawat

Polytechnique and Elephant
Two Approaches to School Violence
by Robert K. Lightning

Constructions of Non-Diegetic Hope in Don McKellar’s Last Night
by David Christopher


“Beware of The Dog”
An Archaeology of a Thoroughly Mediated Event in the Life of a Bank Robber
by Susan Morrison

Claude Lanzmann’s The Last of the Unjust
by Florence Jacobowitz

Stranger by the Lake: what is love?
by Richard Lippe



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