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1 Neglected Films of the 80s

"80s Hollywood: Dominent Tendencies," Robin Wood
"Rap/Punk/Hollywood: Beat Street and Out of the Blue," Bryan Bruce
"A Matter of Time," Richard Lippe
"Unspoken and Unresolved: Tell Me a Riddle," Florence Jacobowitz and Lori Spring
"Death Watch: In Camera Power," Maureen Judge
"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," Robin Wood

2 Women in Contemporary Hollywood

"Girls on Film: Fantasy, Desire, and Desperation," Susan Morrison
"Madness, Pleasure, and Transgression: Looking for Mr. Goodbar," Bryan Bruce
"Obsessions in the Melodrama: Amy Jones's Love Letters," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"Firestarters, or Independence Day," Robin Wood
"Fathers, Feminism, and Domination: Marxist Theory on Ideology in Popular Film," Scott Forsyth
"Cat and Dog: Lewis Teague's Stephen King Movies," Robin Wood
"On Le Jour S…," Anthony Irwin

3/4 Reading the Text (Double Issue)

"Editorial," Robin Wood
"In Defense of Criticism," Andrew Britton
"Notes for a Reading of I Walked With a Zombie," Robin Wood
"Femnist Film Theory and Social Reality," Florence Jacobowitz
"Cries and Whispers Reconsidered," Varda Burstyn
"Gender and Destiny: George Cukor's A Star is Born," Richard Lippe
"The Other Dream: The Year of Living Dangerously," Lori Spring
"Hitchcock's Spellbound: Text and Counter-Text," Andrew Britton
"Inventing Paradox: Celine and Julie Go Boating," Janine Marchessault
"Capital at Play: Form in Popular Film," Scott Forsyth
"Neglected Films of the '80s Foxes," Bryan Bruce
"A Brief Critique of Pop Criticism," Bryan Bruce

8 Revaluation

"Editorial," Robin Wood
"Leavis, Marxism, and Film Culture," Robin Wood
"Pasolini's Medea : The Power of Disruption," Anthony Irwin
"One From the Heart: Leaning From Las Vegas," Susan Morrison
"Biology and Ideology: The 'Natural' Family in Paris, Texas," Mas'ud Zavarzadeh
"Power and the Masquerade: The Devil Is A Woman," Florence Jacobowitz
"Blonde Venus: Memory, Legend, and Desire," Peter Baxter
"Aching to Speak: Power and Language in Pierre Perrault's La Bête Lumineuse," Geoff Pevere
"Drums Along the Mohawk," Robin Wood
"Sirk and Bach: Fugal Construction in Written on the Wind," Bruce Fairley
"An Interview with Lizzie Borden" Maureen Judge and Lori Spring
"Invaders from Mars and the Science Fiction Film in the Age of Reagan" Barry K. Grant
"The Terminator: Beyond Classical Hollywood Narrative" Lillian Necakov

9 Comedy

"Pee Wee Herman: The Homosexual Subtext," Bryan Bruce
"Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys ; or, Give It Back to the Indians," Robin Wood
"Reconsidering The Quiet Man," Ken Nolley
"The Falls," Paul Della Penna and Jim Shedden
"Rosa Von Praunheim in Theory and Practice," Bryan Bruce
"Colin Campbell Interview," Kathleen Maitland-Carter
"The Studio With the Team Spirit: A Look at Ealing Comedies," Marc Glassman and Judy Wolfe
"Cavell and the Fantasy of Criticism: Shakespearean Comedy and Ball of Fire," Leland Poague
"Corrupt/Cop Killer / Order of Death" Gloria Berlin and Bryan Bruce

12 Teen Films

"Making The Journey with Peter Watkins," Ken Nolley
"Identification and Slaughter," Peter Benson
"Charlie is a She: Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket and the Female Spectacle of Vietnam," Krista Walter
"Standard Hollywood Fare: The World War II Combat Film Revisited," Peter Rist
"Getting a Fix on the '60s: Philip Kaufman's The Wanderers Revisited," Susan Morrison
"The Edge," Bryan Bruce
"Your Life is a Film," Janine Marchessault
"Rebel Without a Chance: Cycles of Rebellion and Suppression in Canadian Teen Movies," Geoff Pevere
"Patti Rocks the Boat: A Conversation with David Burton Morris and Gwen Field," Richard Lippe and Robin Wood

13/14 Film Noir (Double Issue)

"Policy and Politics [editor's note]," Robin Wood and Richard Lippe
"The Myth of Postmodernism: The Bourgeois Intelligentsia in the Age of Reagan," Andrew Britton
"Film Noir: How Hollywood Deals with the Deviant Male," Deborah Thomas
"Hawks and Film Noir: The Big Sleep," Michael Walker
"The (Ideo)logical Consequences of Gender on Genre," Susan Morrison
"At the Margins of Film Noir: Preminger's Angel Face," Richard Lippe
"Phantom Lady,Cornell Woolrich, and the Masochistic Aesthetic," Tony Williams
"The Man's Melodrama: Woman in the Window and Scarlet Street," Florence Jacobowitz
"Seeing by Glimpses: Fritz Lang's The Blue Gardenia," Douglas Pye
"Rancho Notorious: A Noir Western in Color," Robin Wood
"Peckinpah the Radical: The Wild Bunch Reconsidered," Christopher Sharett

15 Interpretation

"Falling in Love Again: Notes on Film Criticism and Marlene," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"The Critic's Choice: Things Great and Things Not So Great," Janine Marchessault
"Symmetry, Closure, Disruption: The Ambiguity of Blackmail," Robin Wood
"'Just What the Hell is Rickman Trying to Say?': Some Remarks on Critical Method and Critical Controversy," Susan Morrison
"Modern Diseases: Gay Self-Representation in the Age of AIDS," Bryan Bruce
"Class Struggle at the Movies?," Scott Forsyth
"The Philosophy of the Pigeonhole: Wisconsin Formalism and the "Classical Style"," Andrew Britton

16 Canadian Cinema

"Themes on Canadian Nationalism: In Memoriam," George P. Grant
"The Uncertain Trumpet: Defining a (Canadian) Art Cinema in the Sixties," Peter Morris
"Rhetorical Remarks Towards the Politics of Otherness," Kass Banning
"Dialectice Interpretation: The Case of Cinema Direct and Pierre Perrault," David Clandfield
"Mermaids: Singing Off Key?," Marion Harrison
"Melancholia and the Banal," Dennis Bellemare
"Atom Egoyan: An Interview," Ron Burnett
"Scanning Egoyan," Cameron Bailey
"Reproduction and Repetition of History: David Rimmer's Found Footage," Catherine Russell
"Towards a Canadian (Inter)national Cinema," Robin Wood
"Dead Ringers: The Joke's on Us," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"Who is the American Cousin? Canadian Cinema, Cultural Freedom, and Sandy Wilson's American Cousin," Joanne Yamagouchi
"Underground," Bryan Bruce
"Grierson and Canadian Nationalism," Scott Forsyth

17 Re:Positioning

"The Politics of Difference, or: How to Create a Socialist-Feminist Culture in One Capitalist Country Without Really Trying," Andrew Britton
Letters: Scott Perna, Janine Marchessault, Gregg Rickman, Susan Morrison, Peter Hrcourt, Robin Wood
"Towards a Canadian (Inter)national Cinema, Part 2: Loyalties and Life Classes," Robin Wood
"Montgomery Clift: A Critical Disturbance," Richard Lippe
"Imagining Mr. Average," John McCullough
"Moonshine: Love and Enchantment in Annie Hall and Manhattan," Ed Gallafent
"Sunrise: A Reappraisal," Robin Wood

19/20 Critical Issues (Double Issue)

"Critical Realism: Subversive Commercial Art," Florence Jacobowitz
" Consuming Culture: The Development of a Theoretical Orthodoxy," Andrew Britton
"Right Wing Chic: Adam Parfrey and R. Kern Fingered!!," Bryan Bruce
"Holy Men in the Wilderness: The Mission and Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons," Deborah Root
"The Last Temptation of Christ: A Fragmented Oedipal Trajectory," Tony Williams
"The Celluloid Contradiction: Am Other Look at Parting Glances," John Champagne
"Fugitive Details: Readings of Image and Content in Two Films by Max Ophuls, Madam de … and Lola Montes," Susan Lord
"Cracks in the King's Armour Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, and The Shining," Viveca Gertton
"Pedagogy in the Perverse Text," Viveca Gretton
"Theory vs Experience: Alice Miller and the Status of Contemporary Psychoanalytic Theory," Robin Wood

21/22 Rethinking Authorship (Double Issue)

"Creativity and Evaluation: Two Film Noirs of the 50s," Robin Wood
"Authorship and Cukor: A Reappraisal," Richard Lippe
"What Does a Man Know About Mother Love?: Blonde Venus," Florence Jacobowitz
"Authorship Revisited," Robin Wood
"Film Authorship: The Premature Burial," V. F. Perkins
"Terence Davies Interview," Tony Williams
"You Could Look it Up: Notes Towards a Reading of Baseball, History, and Ideology in the Dominant Cinema," Viveca Gretton
"Genre and Authorship: Two Films of Arthur Penn," Peter C. Knowles
"Laugher, Redemption, Subversion in Eight Films by Leo McCarey," Margaret Smith
"Fuck Sal's Pizza: Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing as Product of the Hip Hop Movement," James A. Hurst

24/25 Feminist Film Theory / Criticism (Double Issue)

"Feminist Culture and the New Order [editor's note]," Janine Marchessault and Susan Morrison
"Letter From an Editor [editor's note]," Florence jacobowitz
"Kindler, Gentler CineACTION? [editor's note]," Scott Forsyth
"Documentary: Theory, Practice and … Watching the Gulf War [editor's note]," Kass Banning and Scott Forsyth
"The (Female) Subject of Masochism: Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned…," Susan Morrison
"Madonna Wannabe," Sarah Evans
"Bad Magic: Germaine Dulac's La Souriante Madam Beaudet ," Susan Lord
"Feminist Avant-Garde Cinema: From Introspection to Retrospection," Janine Marchessault
"Dog and Woman, Together at Last: Animals in the Films of Neil Shipman," Kay Armatage
"Boys, Girls, and Switch: On the Policing of Sex and Gender," Ki Namaste
"Twin Peaks Mountains or Molehills?," Christine Ramsey
"In Light of Difference: In Visible Colours Film/Video Festival and Symposium," Monika Gagnon
"The Subaltern Body: A Study in Ethics, Alterity, and Subject Construction," Helen Lee
"Dorothy's Arzner's Dance Girl, Dance: Regendering the Male Gaze," Samuel L. Chell
"Criticism or Complicity?: The Question of the Treatment of Rape and the Rape Victim in Jonathan Kaplan's The Accused," Mallorie Cook
"All About Eve, Margo, Karen …," Robert K. Lightning
"Women in Film: Teaching Across Disciplines," Marilyn Burgess

28 Canadas: Cinema and Criticism

"Women in French-Quebec Cinema: The Space of Socio-Sexual (in)difference," Chantal Nadeau
"Sitting in the Dark," William D. MacGillivray
"Symptoms of Canada: National Identity and the Theft of National Enjoyment," Kieran Keohane
"On the Brink," Geoff Pevere
"What the Story Is: An Interview with Srinivas Krishna," Cameron Bailey
"The Melodramatic Imagination in Quebec in Canadian Women's Feature Films," Brenda Longfellow
"Montréal Confidential: Notes on an Imagined City," Will Straw
"Women and Political Documentary in Quebec: An Interview with Sophie Bissonette," Barbara Evans and Scott Forsyth
"Cinderella Does Montréal," Olivia Riochet
"Bordwell Considered: Cognitivism, Colonialism, and Canadian Cinematic Culture," Jose Arroyo

29 Revaluation: Hollywood

"For Marlene," Florence Jacobowitz
"Not Just a Bandit: Michael Cimino's The Sicilian," Brad Stevens
"The Rapture: A Woman's Film of the 90s," Florence Jacobowitz
"'Everything Means Something, Cynthia':Alan Rudolph's Mortal Thoughts," Tom Orman
"'Well … That's a Start': Or, What Hollywood Can Do With a Deeply Serious Comedy," Cosimo Urbano
"Spike Lee's Homophobia," Robert K. Lightning
"Oliver Stone: Less Than Meets the Eye," Tony Williams
"While the City Sleeps," Michael Walker
"Talk '39: Re-reading George Cukor's The Women," Viveca Gretton
"The Collapse of Fantasy: Masculinity in the Westerns of Anthony Mann," Douglas Pye
"'I'm Not the Sort of Person Men Marry': Monsters, Queers, and Hitchcock's Rebecca," Rohna J. Berenstein
"Rebecca Reclaimed: For Daphne du Maurier," Robin Wood
"Constructing Culture: Media Education in the 1990s," Susan Morrison

30 Framing the Family

"Battle Stations: War, Memory, and the Family," Deborah Root
"Asians in Hollywood," Kristen Emiko McAllister
"Myth and Melodrama: Douglas Sirk's Imitation of Life," Peter C. Knowles
"Repression, or How to Make Good Home Movies," Marnie Parrell
"Ray's Mahanagar: Arati Chooses Integrity Over Security," Fran Wong
"Doubling Narratives: Dereliction and Desire in Julie Zando's Let's Play Prisoners," Jessica Bradley
"The Body Beautiful," Brenda Longfellow
"Pearl, Hilda, Thelma, and Louise: The 'Woman's Film' Revisited," Susan Morrison
"Explorations, Prosthetics, and a Sacrifice: Phantasies of the Maternal Body in the Alien Trilogy," Carol Moore and Geoff Miles
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall: Parent and Psycho as One in the 90s," Gillian Helfield
"Keeping the Black Phallus Erect: Gender ad the Construction of Black masculinity in Boys 'N' the Hood," Rinaldo Walcott
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 1992

31 Narrative and Film

"Letter from an Unknown Woman: The Double Narrative," Robin Wood
"Robert Kramer: Along Route One/USA," Ruth Perlmuter
"Homework Times Three," Robin Wood
"The Necessity of Telling a Story: An Interview with Jamie Humbeto Hermosillo," Florence Jacobowitz, Richard Lippe, and Robin Wood.
"Why We Should (Still) Take Hitchcock Seriously," Robin Wood
"Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! : Subverting the Glazed Gaze of American Melodrama and Film Theory," Martha J. Nandorfy
"Melodramatic Narrative: Orphans of the Storm and The Searchers " Michael Walker
"Male Narrative/Female Narration: Elaine May's Mikey and Nickey," Brad Stevens
"The Cat with Green Wings: Feminine Resistance and Narrativity in Radha Bharadwaj's Closet Land," Viveca Gretton

34 Modernism

"On Modernism [editor's note]," Florence Jacobowitz and Susan Morrison and Richard Lippe
"For Andrew Britton: A Personal Tribute," Robin Wood
"For Andrew Britton, 1951 - 1994," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"Rethinking History Through Narrative Art," Florence Jacobowitz
"Driven to Distraction: Going to the Movies with Walter and Siegfried," Paul Kelley and Susan Lord
"Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography: An Interview with Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, and Stuart Samuels," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"Politics of Modernity in Latin America: Memory, Nostalgia, and Desire in Baroco," Zuzana M. Pick
"Postmodern Times: Popular American Cinema and the Critical Climate," Brad Stevens
"Persona Revisited," Robin Wood
"Suffering Into Ideology: Bergman's Sasom I en Spegel [Through a Glass Darkly] ," Tony French

38 Murder in America

"Assassinating an Image: The Strange Life of Kennedy's Death," Haidee Wasson
"Livin' and Dyin' in Zapruderville: A Code of Representation, Reality and its Exhaustion," Tom Mullin
"The Technology of Homicide: Constructions of Evidence and Truth in American Murder Films," Ken Morrison
"Carnivalising the Taboo: The Mondo Film and the Opened Body," Mikita Brottman
"Serial Killers, True Crime, and Economic Performance Anxiety," Annalee Newitz
"Mystery Rider: The Cultural Construction of a Serial Killer," Philip Simpson
"The Seen of the Crime: Violence, Anxiety, and the Domestic in Police Reality Programming," Edward R. O'Neill
"The 1990s Hollywood Fatal Femme: (Dis)Figuring Feminism, Family, Irony, Violence," Julianne Pidduck

39 Contemporary World Cinemas

"Doin' Diaspora," Warren Crichlow
"Planet Africa: Three Shorts," Robert K. Lightning
"Cuban Films and the Crisis of Socialism: 'Possible Endings'," Scott Forsyth
"House of Pain," Laura U. Marks
"After the Celebration: Soul Survivor and the Discourse of Heritage," Rinaldo Walcott
"Crack Vision, Ritual Charm, and Hybrid Culture in John L'Ecuyer's Curtis's Charm," David McIntosh
"The Films of Bela Tarr," David Thomas Lynch
"Le Cérémonie: 'The Last Marxist Film' by Claude Chabrol," Florence Jacobowitz
"La Haine, Fallen Angels, and Some Thoughts on Scorsese's Children," Susan Morrison
"Wim Wender's Lisbon Story," Jesse Zigelstein
"In Defence of Jean Seberg," Richard Lippe
"Frisk and Doom Generation," Robin Wood
"About Desolation Angels, or, Pack Your Bags, We're Going on an Ego Trip," Mickey Burns
"Unstrung Families/Unstrung Heroes: A Meditation on Life, Death, Family, and Andie MacDowell's Nail Polish," Cory Silverberg

41 Style

"The Little Space In Between: Preliminary Notes on Before Sunrise," Robin Wood
"Style as Attitude: Two Films by Martin Scorsese," Richard Lippe
"Rewriting Realism: Bergman and Rossellini in Europe 1949 - 1955," Florence Jacobowitz
"Style and Narrative in Bertolucci's The Conformist," Michael Walker
"Maintaining the Dual Perspective: Orson Welles and Chimes at Midnight," Peter E. S. Babiak
"New Parents and Old: The Horrifying Lyricism of Dancing on Graves " Diane Sippl
"Larry Cohen's Bone: Comic Strip as Radical Style," Tony Williams
"Book Review: Cinema and Painting: How Art is Used in Film," Susan Morrison

42 Chinese Films

"The Films of Ning Ying: China Unfolding in Miniature," Jerry White
"Oppositional Politics of Chinese Everyday Practices," Monica Hulsbus
"Music and Femininity in Zhang Yimou's Family Melodrama," Yanmei Wei
"Allegory and Ambiguity in Zhang Yimou's Shanghai Triad," Shelly Kraicer
"Centre-Stage: Reconstructing the Biopic," Julian Stringer
"From Hong Kong to Hollywood: John Woo and His Discontents," Tony Williams
"East - West Politics," Patrick Tan
"Asian American Filmmakers: The Next Generation? Identity, Mimicry, and Transtextuality in Mina Shum's Double Happiness and Quentin Lee and Justin Lin's Shopping for Fangs," Edward R. O'Neill
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 1996

43 Films of the 90s

Photo essays on Arthur Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer
"The Spectres Emerge in Daylight," Robin Wood
"Todd Haynes's Safe: Illness as Metaphor in the 90s," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"What's Love Got to Do With It? The Resilience of the Woman's Film," Robert K. Lightning
"Lost Highway: Unveiling Cinema's Yellow Brick Road," Reni Celeste
Photo essay on four Taiwan films
"The Virtues of Theft: André T&$233;chiné's Thieves," Diane Sippl
"The Magical World of the Ultimate Matriarch," Elen A. Bovkis
"Videodrome and the Revenge of Repression," Marty Roth.
"Against Convention: Form and Narrative in Paul Ledue's Frida," Peter C. Knowles
"Plotting the Revolution: Identity and Territory in Memories of Underdevelopment," Amy Beer

44 Performance


45 Canadian Cinema; Festivals

"Faces Changing Colour Changing Canon," Peter Harcourt
"Highway 61 Revisited," Chris Byford
"To Act is to Be: Identity in Recent Quebec Cinema," Jerry White
"Howard Hawks: The Grey Fox of Hollywood," Robin Wood
"Lesbian Desires: Bound and Invested," Jean Noble
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 1997
"Nil By Mouth and Gummo," Susan Morrison
"Exile Shanghai," Florence Jacobowitz
"Revolutionary Love and Post-Communist Murder: Amor Vertical and A Friend of the Deceased," Scott Forsyth
"Gay Movies, West and East: In and Out and Happy Together," Richard Lippe
"Wolves Cry Under the Moon," Robin Wood
"Visible Cities, Invisible Freedoms: Uncut, City of Dark and Exile in Sarajevo" Marcy Goldberg
"A Report on Screens: New Sites for Crosscultural Media" Diane Sippl

50 Hitchcock & Cukor (Special 50th Issue)

"The Spatial World of Hitchcock's Films: The Point-Of-View Shot, The Camera, and 'Instrarealism'," Susan Smith
"Travels With My Aunt: Romanticism and Aging," Richard Lippe
"The Use of Glass in Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail," Stephen Brophy
"George Cukor's 'Take' on the Literacy Narrative: Hollywood Style," Scott F. Stoddart
"A Domestic Trilogy," Robert K. Lightning
"'Your Father's Method of Relaxation': Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt," Tony French
"Kim Novak: Vertigo, Performance, and Image," Richard Lippe
"Vertigo: Authorship as Transformation," Tony Williams
"Notes on the Long Take in George Cukor's A Life of Her Own," Edward R. O'Neill
"Manufacturing Horror in Hitchcock's Psycho," Steven Schneider
"Illusion and Deception in Cukor's Justine," Randall Clark
"Looking at The Birds and Marnie Through the Rear Window," Robin Wood
"Seeing and Believing: Sid Bernstein's German Atrocities Film and the Question of Hitchcock's Participation," Florence Jacobowitz

54 Screwball Comedy

"The Same, But Different: The Awful Truth about Marriage, Remarriage, and Screwball Comedy," Kathrina Giltre
"Screwball and the Masquerade: The Lady Eve and Two-Faced Woman," Robin Wood
Available on Video
"Luis Bunuel: A Tribute,"
"Handy-Dandy: Bunuel's Susana," Tony French
"Beautiful People," Robin Wood
"Eden and Beyond," Jason Wilcox
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 2000
"Interview with Fridrik Thor Fridriksson," Robin Wood
"Diversity or Dumb Reality: Speculations on Canadian Film and on Sea of Blood by Richard Fung," Peter Harcourt
"Above and Beneath: Francois Ozon's Sous le sable," Richard Lippe
"Amos Gitai's Kippur," Florence Jacobowitz
"Asian Fusion: Some Notes on the Hybridization of the 'Heroic Warrior' Genre," Susan Morrison
"Platform," Shelly Kriacer
"Juan Carlos Tabio, Cuban Cinema, and The Waiting List," Scott Forsyth

55 Star Image Icon

"Hawke Ascending," Robin Wood
"Frank and Fearless: The Eve Arnold - Joan Crawford Sessions," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"Playing Fathers and Monsters: The Classical Appeal of Anthony Hopkins," Rachael Johnson
"High Class Whore: Hedy Lamarr's Star Image in Hollywood," Jan Christopher Horak
"I Wonder What Becomes of Me? A Note on the Marx Brothers," Tony French
"Jim Carrey: The King of Embarrassment," Tarja Laine
"The Man in the Pink Shirt: Hugh Grant and the Dilemma of British Masculinity," Gael Sweeny
"Joan Fontaine's Heiress: Star in Transition," Robert K. Lightning

56 Shifting Narratives

"'So Where Are You?': Memento, Memory, and the Sincerity of Self-Deception, " Dion Tubrett
"Flowers of Shanghai," Robin Wood
"DVD: The Shift to Film's New Modernity," Graeme Harper
"Narration and Focalization in Wings of Desire," Warren Buckland
"Narrative and Spectacle in Gladiator," Richard Rushton
"They Kill for Love: Defining the Erotic Thriller as a Film Genre," Doug Keesey
"The Lake Effects: A 'Slowly Turning Narrative'," Trish Suchy
CineACTION! Index issues 1 through 55

57 Canadian Film

"Canadian Cinema in the Age of Globalization," David L. Pike
"STET" [on Philip Hoffman's What These Ashes Wanted], Mike Cartmell
"Toward the Quebec Auteur: From Perault to Arcand," Georege Melnyk
"The Party's Over: Rollercoaster, " Robin Wood.
"'In the Sun It All Looks Nice': A Note on Paul Almond's Isabel," Tony French
"Persistence of Vision: The Wonderful World of John Paizs," Robert L. Cagle
"The New Face of British Heritage," Deborah Tudor
"Distance: Hirokazu Kore-eda," Susan Morrison
"The Intimate Screen: Dogme and Beyond," Diane Sippl
"Book Review: Cinema's Recounting of the Ordinary" [on Andrew Kleven's Disclosure of the Everyday], Jeffrey Crouse

58 World Cinema Since 1990

"Party Time, or Can't Hardly Wait for that American Pie: Hollywood High School Movies of the 90s," Robin Wood
"Time and Point of View in Contemporary Cinema," Temenuga Trifonova
"Are You With Me? Unemployed Negativity in Mike Leigh's Naked," Garry Watson
"The Import / Export Business: The Road to Abbas Kirostami's Taste of Cherry," Devin Orgeron
"The Most Dangerous Game: Failed Male Friendship in Brian De Palma's Snake Eyes," David Greven
"Floating Desire, Floating Souls: Modern Cultural Landscape in Tsai Ming-Liang's Taipei Trilogy," I-Fen Wu
"Chop Suey: Photographs to Remember You By," Richard Lippe
"Beautiful People: In Praise of the Liberal State," Robert Lightning

59 Max Ophuls Centenary

"Circles of Delight and Despair: The Cinema of max Ophuls," Peter Harcourt
"Plunging Off the Deep End into the Reckless Moment," Robin Wood
"Falling Women and Fallible Narrators," Douglas Pye
"Werther (Max Ophuls, 1938)," Michael Walker
"Yoshiwara: Max Ophuls in the Empire of Passion," Alexander Jacoby
"Captivated by Garbo: Max Ophuls's Roman Interlude with The Duchess of Langeais," Lutz Bacher
"'Do I Disgust You?': Or, Tirez pas sur La Pianiste," Robin Wood
"Icons and Subversion in the Westerns of Clint Eastwood," Peter E. S. Babiak
"Book Review: Fred and Ginger: A Vision of Emersonian Hollywood?" [review of Astaire and Rogers by Edward Gallafent], Jeffrey Crouse

60 East Asian Cinemas

"A Tale of Two Emperors: Mimicry and Mimesis in Two 'New Year's' Films from China and Hong Kong," Carlos Rojos
"Hollywood and the Chinese Other," Tan Ye
"To Live and Dye in China: The Personal and Political in Zhang Yimou's Judou," Vincent Brook
"Interview with Jia Zhangke," Shelly Kraicer
"Three Japanese Actresses of the 1950s: Modernity, Femininity, and The Performance of Everyday Life," Catherine Russell
"Looking for Nostalgia: Memory and National Identity in Hou Hsiao-Hsien's A Time to Live, A Time to Die," I-Fen Wu
"The Halfway House of Memory: An Interview with Hirokazu Kore-eda," Gabriel Paletz
"South Korean Film Genres and Art-House Anti-Poetics: Erasure and Negation in The Power of Kangwan Province," David Scott Diffient

61 New Canadian Cinema

"Wotcha Lookin' at, Anyway? An Examination of Point-of -View in Denys Arcand's Stardom," Peter Harcourt
"Quebec's Next Generation: From Lauzon to Turpin," George Melnyk
"Blood in the Maple Syrup: Canon, Popular Culture, and the Canuxploitation of Julian Roffman," Aaron Taylor
"Charting the Course of the Pacific New Wave," Diane Burgess
"Interview with R. Bruce Elder," Aysegul Koc
"Beyond the Homeland: A Comparative Introduction to Latino Film in Canada and the US," Elena Feder
"Seeing and Being Seen in Media Culture: Shelley Niro's Honey Moccasin," Darrell Varga
"Border Crossings: Representations of North American Culture in Bruce McDonald's Highway 61," Rochelle Simmons
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 2002
"The Consequences of Seduction: Adolph," Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
"The Intended," Robin Wood
"Unknown Pleasures,", Shelly Kraicer
"Making and Remaking Class in Ken Loach's Recent Films," Scott Forsyth
"Fruit Chan's 'Excremental Vision': Public Toilet," Susan Morrison
International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg
"When Fiction Turns Real: Suspending Disbelief," Diane Sippl
"Book Review: Alan King, Filmmaker," Janice Kaye

62 Close Readings

"Unanswered Questions: Vision and Experience in Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line," Jacob Leigh
"The Purpose of Plot and the Place of Joan Bennett in Fritz Lang's The Woman in the Window," Andrew Kleven
"The Age of Innocence: Martin Scorsese, 1993," Deborah Thomas
"Love Hurts: Redemption within the Bowels of Seil contre tous and the Cinema of Aggression," Dion Tubrett
"In Search of the Code inconnu," Robin Wood
"Apocalypse Then: Lessons of Darkness Revisited," Adam Bingham
"Vive le Cinema: A Reading of What Time is it There?," Aysegul Koc
"… Simply Because You're Near Me: Love, Chungking Expresss and In the Mood for Love," Blair Miller
"Music and Modernity in A Brighter Summer Day," Saul Austerlitz

63 Minneli and Ozu Centenary

"Being a Clown: Curious Coupling in The Pirate," Douglas Pye
"The Cobweb," Stella Bruzzi
"Home from the Hill: Vincente Minnelli, 1959," Michael Walker
"Love and the City: An Analysis of Vincente Minnelli's The Clock," Stuart Hands
"The far Side of Paradise; The Style and Substance of Yolanda and the Thief," Alexander Jacoby
"The Spaces In-Between: The Cinema of Yasujiro Ozu " Adam Bingham
"Notes Toward a Reading of Tokyo Twilight [Tokyo boshoku]," Robin Wood
Toronto Film Festival Reviews 2003
"Los Angeles Plays Itself," Richard Lippe
"Notes on the Toronto Film Festival," Robin Wood
"Amos Gitai's Alila," Florence Jacobowitz
"Drifters: Smoking and Moping on the Mainland," Susan Morrison
"Tabio's So Far Away," Scott Forsyth
"The Brown Bunny," Dion Tubrett

65 Sex, Terror, Madness, Canada

"In the Web of David Cronenberg: Spider and the New Auteurism," Reni Celeste
"Thoroughly Modern Maddin," David Pike
"Canadian Social Documentary in the Age of Michael Moore: The Corporation and The Fix," Seth Feldman
"Gay Guerrilla Filmmaking and Terrorist Chic: Toronto Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce Discusses His Latest Art/Porn Feature, The Raspberry Reich," Matthew Hays
"Caress, The Decay: Queer Desire in he Nature of Nicholas ," Andrew Lesk
"The Local and the Global Revisited: Un 32 Aôut sur terre," Darrell Varga
"You Watch To Much TV, Kid: Causalities of Cultural Colonialism," Robert L. Cagle
"Tedium and Torture: Fight Club, Globalization, and Professionals in Crisis," John McCullough
"Allegorical Figurations and the Political Didactic in Bulworth," Reagan Ross
Toronto International Film Festival 2004

66 Questions of Value

"A.I. or The Agony of Steven Spielberg," William Beard
"Metropolis: Restoration, Reëvaluation," Susan Smith
"Pleasures of The Big Sleep," Nathan Holmes
"The Centre Cannot Hold: Betrayals in Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz," Justin E. A. Busch
"This is Not a Game: Alan J. Pakula's Rollover," Jack Hughes
"'But It's Good': Finding Value in Twentynine Palms," Jason Wilcox
"From Within: Music in the Style of Jean Renoir," Alex Clayton

67 Film on Film

"Remembering Memories of Underdevelopment," Scott Forsyth
"Zero de Conduite: Radical Cinema," Florence Jacobowitz
"The Life and Death of Deathwatch and Dying at Grace," Florence Jacobowitz
"In a Glass Cage," Bruce LaBruce
"Party Girl: Ray and Hollywood," Richard Lippe
"Jia Zhang-ke's The World," Susan Morrison
"Notorious," Lori Spring
"Right Again: A Loving Tribute to Stan, Ollie, and Leo," Robin Wood
"Cinematic Meaning in the Work of David Lynch: Revisiting Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Lost Highway, and Mulholland Drive," Michael Vass
"Looking a Lola, Looking at Cinema" Jason Wilcox
"Film, Dreams, and Stolen Pocketwatches," Dr. Ira Nayman
"In Memoriam" [photo tribute to Marlon Brando]
"Ceylan and Company: Autobiographical Trajectories of Cinema," Diane Sippl
"Ônibus 174 [Bus 174]: Intention in the System of Representation," Hans W. Staats
"Centenary," [photo tributes to Otto Preminger and Greta Garbo]
"Seeing Elephant," Dion Tubrett

68 Natural Born Killers

"Articulating the Violence Debate: True Lies, Natural Born Killers, and the Terms of 'Cultural Contamination', " Kimberly A. Owczarsk
"Elephant : The Physics of Violence," Michael Sofair
"Firepower: Herzog's Pure Cinema as the Internal Combustion of War," Nadia Bozak
"The Unattainable Narrative: Identity, Consumerism, and the Slasher Film in Mary Harron'sAmerican Psycho," David Robinson
"Trauma and Violence, Different Sensibilities: Nanni Moretti's The Son's Room and Todd Field's In the Bedroom," Henry M. Taylor
"Violence, Actions, and Words in Million Dollar Baby," Edward Gallafent
"Interview Jia Zhangke: Life and Times Beyond the World," Alice Shih


69 Films From Around The Globe

"Images of the Rural: The Cinema of Quebec," Peter Harcourt
"Anxieties of Fundamentalism and the Dynamics of Modernist Resistance: Youssef Chahine's Al Maseer [The Destiny]," Malek Khouri
"On William D. MacGillivray," Robin Wood
"The Days of Frozen Dreams: An Interview with Wang Xizoshuai," Alive Shih
"The Brig: The Paradox of Resistance and Recuperation," Nicola Galombik and Michael Zryd
"Sexual Dependency: The Split Image of Globalisation," Michael Sofair
"Bruce McDonald on the West Coast: The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess," George Melnyk
"C.R.A.Z.Y.," George Melnyk
"Reading, Regarding, and Waiting: Three New Documentaries from Nova Scotia," Darrelll Varga
"Some Directions in World Cinema: AFI Fest 2005, 54th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, 7th Scandinavian Film Festival L.A." Diane Sippl
"Two Films by Amnon Buchbinder: Some Questions About the Future of Canadian Cinema," Robin Wood

70 Protest and Revolution

"The Documentary Films of Citizen Activist Michael Moore: A Man on a Mission, or, How Far a Reinvigorated Populism Ca Take Us," Garry Watson
" Assessing V for Vendetta," Tony Williams
"Bearing Witness: The Dardenne Brothers and Michael Haneke's Implication of the Viewer," Brian Gibson
"Excesses of Millennial Capitalism, Excesses of Violence: Several Critical Fragments Regarding the Cinema of Michael Haneke," Kevin Wynter
"Le Temps du loup/ Time of the Wolf," Florence Jacobowiz
"Mourning and Misfortune: 9/11 and the Domestic Terror of Pedophilia," Dion Tubrett
"Intuitions in Africa: Personal and Political Knowledge in The Constant Gardener," Edward Gallafent
""What You See is Happening Right Now": Thermageddon and a Search for Tommorow," Blair Miller
"Good Night, and Good Luck: History Replays Itself," Richard Lippe
"Michael Moore: A Man on a Mission or How Far a Reinvigorated Populism Can Take Us" Garry Watson


71 Sexuality in the Cinema

"The The Silent, Black Centre in the Early Films of Clair Denis," Katharine Asals
" Fellini's Forgotten Masterpiece: Toby Dammit," George Porcari
"The Strange Pleasure of The Leopard Man: Gender, Genre, and Authorship in a Val Lewton Thriller," Scott Preston
"A Tribute to Robin Wood," Kass Banning, Varda Burstyn, Scott Forsyth, Peter Harcourt, Bruce LaBruce, Bart Testa, Janine Marchessault
Toronto International Film Festival
"Some Tentative Responses to Directors I Value," Robin Wood
"Master Classes: De Oliveira's Belle Toujours and Von Trotta's I am the Other Woman," Richard Lippe
"Nue Propriete with Isabelle Huppert," Florence Jacobowitz
"Golden Door/Nuovomondo," Susan Morrison
"Cinema,-Cinema" [The 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival, AFI Fest 2006, American Film Market 2006, 55th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg]. Diane Sippl
"Of Human Bonding: An Interview with Tsai Ming-Liang," Aysegul Koc
"After This Director's Seventeen Years of Exile: An Interview with Patrick Tam," Alice Shih
"In Dreams and The Gothic: The Moment of Collapse," Carole Zucker
"Carolee Schneemann's Fuses as Erotic Self-Portraiture," Shana MacDonald


72 The State of the Art: Film and Film Criticism Today

  "The New Film Studies and the Decline of Critique," Richard Rushton
"The Horror, Piglet, The Horror: Found Footage, Mashups, The Avant-Garde, and the Strange Case of Apocalypse Pooh," Scott Mackenzie
"Towards a Theory of Virtual Pornography," Kevin Wynter
"Saving the Image: Scale and Duration in Contemporary Art Cinema," Erika Balsom
"Singing Outside the Frame: The Female Voice in Gigi," Susan Smith
"The Risk of Ambiguity: Reconsidering Zavattini's Film Ethics," Nicholas Balaisis
"Interview: Joan Chen," Alice Shih
"Notes on a Radical Tradition: Subversive Ideological Applications in the Hammer Horror Films," Brian Wilson
"Interview: Charles Mudede," Allan MacInnis
"Once Upon a Time in America: Sergio Leone and the Construction of Myth," Peter Babiak
Index of CineAction Issues 56 to 71
    73-4 New Media
  Mini-Cinema: A Digital Diary for iPod by Catherine Russell
New Media Resistance: Machinima and the Avant-Garde by Elijah Horwatt
The Reality of Dreams: A presentation of L'Ange et la femme (1977) by Peter Harcourt
The Imagined City: Toward a Theory of Urbanity in Canadian Cinema by George Melnyk
Im just a simple filmmaker: An Interview With Michel Brault by Aysegul Koc    
From Big Snow to Big Sadness: The Repatriation of Canadian Cultural dentity in the Films of Guy Maddin by John Semley
Being at Home with Roy Dupuis and Pascale Bussires or, Star-Gazing In and Out of Quebec by Peter Dickinson
Michael Haneke: Beyond Compromise by Robin Wood
Voice and Body : Ahead of the Curve and Scouts Are Cancelled by Darrell Varga

And Along Come Tourists; The Counterfeiters by Florence Jacobowitz
Les Bons Films: A Girl Cut in Two and Angel by Richard Lippe
Random Thoughts On and Around the Toronto Film Festival by Robin Wood
My Kid Could Paint That by Susan Morrison
    75 The Art House Fim / Jean-Luc Godard / Federico Fellini / Tsai Ming-Liang

The Bones of Reagan by Darrell Varga
Analogical Thinking Organizational Strategies Within The Works of Jean-Luc Godard by Peter Harcourt
The High Solitude of a Rare Bird by Kohei Usuda
Fellini Goes To The Beach by George Porcari
The Romance of Certain Old Clothes by Adam Bingham
I Don't Want To Sleep Alone by Robin Wood
I Heart Hedwig by Conrad Page
The Voice of Marianne Faithful: On Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette by Kohei Usuda
A Polite Way of Being Desperate: An Interview with Marjane Satrapi by Jon Davies
The Brave One by Carole Zucker
Movements and Rhythms: On Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3 by Kohei Usuda

    76 International Cinema
  CineAction 76

The Skull Beneath the Skin: Patrice Chereau and Son Frère by Robin Wood
National Reconciliation and its Performative Limitations:
John Boorman’s In My Country and Fanta Regina Nacro’s Night of Truth
by Jeremy Maron
Toronto Workers’ Art in Global Hollywood by John McCullough
Kiarostami’s Life Lessons or how art flourishes where it would suffer, and struggles
where it should thrive by Dan Jones
6 Films by Richard Lippe
Un barrage contre le Pacifique/ The Sea Wall by Florence Jacobowitz
TIFF ‘08 and Liverpool by Susan Morrison
4 Films by Scott Forsyth
Nicholas Ray’s King of Kings by Tony Williams
We the Undead: Nadja by George Porcari
Atrocities at the Door: Peter Brook’s Tell Me Lies, Images of Terror and Brechtian Aesthetics by Scott MacKenzie
Deciphering Lust, Caution by Alice Shih
On the Road to Renewed Relevance: Jacques Tati’s Trafic by Dan Lalande
The Art of Persuasion Or: Have you seen this man’s Films Lately? by Daniel Stefik

    77 Documentary & Superheroes

Evita in Wonderland: Pulqui and the Workshop of Underdevelopment by Tomás F. Crowder-Taraborrelli
Sounds like Canada: A Reexamination of the Development of Canadian Cinema Vérité by Michael Longfield
The War on Film: Reanimating the Post-9/11 Viewer in The Prisoner, Or: How I Planned To Kill Tony Blair by Brian Gibson
The Dialogical Documentary: Jennifer Fox on Finding a New Film Language in Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman (2007) by Angelica Fenner
Secret Identities: The Superhero Simulacrum and the Nation by Matt Yockey
Convergence Culture and the Caped Crusader: Batman and the Environment of New Media by
Dru H. Jeffries
On the Obama-ization of Will Smith by Edward D. Bacal
Lost in Translation: On Frank Miller’s The Spirit by Brian Wilson
“Tone down the Boobs Please”: Reading the Special Effect Body in Superhero Movies by Sabine LeBel
Of Depth and Surfaces: Notes on Watchmen and Other (non)Reflections on Phenomenological Film Experience by Kevin Wynter

    78 Global Cinema & Canadian Films and TV

Global Cinema
Slumdog Comprador: Coming To Terms With the Slumdog Phenomenon
by Ajay Gehlawat
Free Films Made Freely: Paolo Gioli and Experimental Filmmaking in Italy
by Patrick Rumble
Screening the Borderland: Transsexualism as Cinematic Metaphor
by Carolyn Kraus
Torture Porn and Bodies Politic
Post-Cold War American Perspectives in Eli Roth's Hostel and Hostel: Part II
by Jerod Ra'Del Hollyfield
The New James Bond: And Globalization Theory, Inside and Out
by Steven W. Thomas
Who Wants To Be A Screenwriter? Script Development in Globalizing India
by Patricia Gruben
Hop on Pop: Jiangshi Films in a Transitional Context
by Stephanie Lam
Canadian Films and TV
Second City or Second Country?
The Question of Canadian Identity in SCTV's Transcultural Text
by Erin Hanna

It Doesn't Seem 'Canadian'
'Quality Television' and Canadian-American Co-Productions
by Anita Lam
Still Mining His Winnipeg (An Interview With Guy Madden)
by John Semley

    79 Collaboration & French New Wave: 50 Years
  issue 79

French New Wave: 50 Years by Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe
Elia Kazan 1909-2009 A Man in Conflict by Richard Lippe
The Second Wave
Collaboration and the Nouvelle Vague by Adam Bingham
Vive l'Amour by Robin Wood
Contraband: Powell, Pressburger, Veidt, Hobson, Junge and Others
by Tony Williams
Collaborating Agent: Charles Feldman and Clients by Tom Kemper
Body and Soul
John Garfield, Abraham Polonsky and the American Jewish Family
by Stuart Hands
The Biggest Film Biographer in the World
The Films of Ken Russell for the BBC by George Porcari
Cannes Film Festival 2009 by Robert K. Lightning
Trace and Travesty
How The Columbus of Sex Became My Secret Life by Stephen Broomer
Textures of Collaboration
Pop Music Culture and the Experimental Films of Abigail Child and Bill Morrison
by Carolyn Elerding

    80 Genre & Global Cinema
  issue 80 GENRE
Shocked and Awed? Hostel and the Spectacle of Self-Mutilation by Gregory A. Burris
Genre Matters: Film Criticism and the Social Relevance of Genres by Juan A. Tarancón
Who's Bleeding Whom? Analyzing the Cultural Flows of Blaxploitation Cinema, Then and Now By John Semley
Telling the (Wrong) Story: The Disintegration of Transcultural Communication and Narrative in The Fall by E. Charlotte Stevens
Where Do We Go From Here? Confronting Contingency with Gerry by Lee Knuttila

White Material A Film by Claire Denis by Florence Jacobowitz
European Melodramas The Refuge and I Am Love by RICHARD LIPPE
What Does a Woman Want? Io sono lamore/I Am Love and Cairo Time by Susan Morrison

Jennifer Jones and Jean Simmons by RICHARD LIPPE

City Spaces and National Identity by Katrina Sark
The Language of Emotion in Godard's Films by Anuja Madan
Neither Hand, Nor Foot, Nor Kidney: Biopower, Body Parts and Human Flows in Stephen Frear's Dirty Pretty Things by Larissa Lai
    81 War Films & Female Directors
  issue 81

Explosive Structure Fragmenting the New Modernist War Narrative in The Hurt Locker
by Douglas A. Cunningham

Imperial Symptoms In the Valley of Elah and the Cinematic Response to the “War on Terror” by Gregory A. Burris
Refiguring Rambo Competing Imperatives in the High Concept War Film by Harrison Gish
Critical Voices Points of View in and on The Thin Red Line by Jeremy Millington
Representing the Human Condition in the Great War William Boyd’s The New Confessions and The Trench by Jane Mattisson

Formal Innovation and Feminist Freedom Vera Chytilova’s Daisies by Alison Frank
Female Sexuality, Islam and the Global Leila Merrakshi’s Controversial Film Marok by Touria Khannous
Original Visions Female Directors in Contemporary Japanese Cinema by Adam Bingham Seeds of Summer by Maria San Filippo
Enough Already The Wonderful, Horrible Reception of Nancy Meyers by Darryl Wiggers


James Whale’s Frankensteins
by Christiane Gerblinger

Going Na’vi
by Robert Hyland

Méliès and Early Cinema
by Lukasz Boron

Postmodern Anxieties
by William B. Covey

Pop Star is the Medium is the Message
by Milan Pribisic

TIFF 2010
Special Treatment/Sans queue ni tête
by Florence jacobowitz
Film Socialisme
by Richard Lippe
In Transit
by Susan Morrison
by Scott Forsyth

Television Discourse and Governmentality
by Michael Thorn

Black Christmas
by Sara Constantineau

What’s So Funny About Class Struggle?

by Robert K. Lightning

  ISSUE 84


Beyond the Male Gaze
by James Zborowski

Normality is Threatened by the Monster
by Lucy Fife Donaldson

The Literary Critic, the Nineteenth Century Novel and The Wire
by Garry Watson

Remembering ARTHUR PENN
by Richard Lippe

by Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe

Britton on Film
by James MacDowell

by Richard Lippe

Encountering The Thing From Another World
by Tony Williams

Antonioni Orgy
by George Porcari

by Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe

  ISSUE 84


A Cinema of Recession
Micro-budgeting, Micro-drama, and the “Mumblecore” Movement
by Maria San Filippo

Slow Fuse: The Cinematic Strategies of Tsai Ming-Liang
by Marc Saint-Cyr

The Invisible Catastrophe: Lingering Movement and Duration in Werckmeister Harmonies
by Emre Caglayan

by Tomas Hachard


Unlikely Heroines? ‘Women of a certain age’ and romantic comedy
by Deborah Jermyn

Gran Torino: Clint Eastwood as Fallen Saviour
by William Beard

The American Personality Documentary: Fetishization,Nostalgia and the Working Class
by Caitlin Starowicz

Impalement: Race and Gender in Bryan Singer’s X-Men
by Heather J.Hicks

A Brief History of Taiwan’s Film Industry
by Alice Shih

A Report from the 2011 Berlinale: Governing Relationships
by Alison Frank

  cineaction 86

The Junkies of Plato’s Cave
Henry M. Taylor

From Recoil to Ruination
Alexander Ginnan

“I leave to several futures (not to all)
my garden of forking paths.”
Patricia Gruben

Engendering Genre
Robert James Cardullo

Rape, the Unspeakable War Crime
juanita wilson on the award-winning filmic
rendition of as if I AM NOT THERE
Alice Kuzniar

The Trotsky
Amir Khan

Digitality and Détournement
Scott Mackenzie

The Exorcist


Toronto International Film Festival
A Tale Told By Two Terrences
Susan Morrison

A Celebration of a Simple Life
Alice Shih

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
Florence Jacobowitz

Lars Von Trier and Melancholia
Richard Lippe

CINEMA CITY International Film Festival
A Box of Balkan films
Alison Frank

RIGA International Film Festival
Looking at Estonia With New Eyes
Alison Frank

REYKJAVIK International Film Festival
Andrea Segre

Alison Frank


Editorial by Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe

Lumière, Astruc, Bazin: Raymond Depardon's Profils paysans by Jerry White

The Clock by Jacob Potempski

The Imagery of Surveillance: In a Lonely Place by Tony Williams

Marriage In a Lonely Place by Robert Alpert

Nobody’s Vision: JIM JARMUSCH’S DEAD MAN by George Porcari

To Experience Song of Ceylon by Daniella Gitlin

Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life by M.G. Moscato

Rogue Vehicles: David Cronenberg's Fast Company and the Tax Shelter Period
by Mark Player

Emotional Fault Lines in Café de Flore by Alsegul Koc

by Florence Jacobowitz and Richard Lippe


Personal and Political Views: How Robin Wood Taught Us How to Live by Alexander Jacoby

Sweeter Still: Sweet Movie Revisited by Adam Balivet

Magic in the Attempt: Before Sunset and a Legacy of Criticism by Adam Bingham

Love Me Three Times: Time and Narrative in Letter from an Unknown Woman
by Michael Longfield

The Formal Dualism of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing by Robert Lighting


by Susan Morrison

Love in the Time of Calvary: Romance and Family Values in Crucifixion Films
by Brian Walter

The Return of the Realist Spy Film by Luis M. Garcia-Mainar

Hiding From Significance: Documented Disinterestedness in Winnebago Man
by Amir Khan

Lefties and Hippies and Yuppies, Oh My! David Cronenberg’s Scanners revisited
by Michael Pepe

Sex, Science and the “Female Monstrous”: Wood Contra Cronenberg, Revisited
by Allan MacInnis

Ideology in Christopher Nolan’s Inception by Andrew Winchur

Wajdi Mouawad in Cinema: ORIGINS, WARS AND FATE by May Telmissany

Light in Dark Spaces: A Review of Allan Sekula and Noel Burch’s
Film Essay The Forgotten Space (2010) by Jill Glessing

The Thinking Queer’s Pornographer: Bruce LaBruce, Art/Porn and the Politics of Co-optation
by Jasmine McGowan

Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria by Alison Frank

    89 3D & CGI

The Future is a Fairground: Attraction and Absorption in 3D Cinema
by Carter Moulton

Reading Parallax: 3D Meaning Construction in The Hole
by Owen Weetch

“Then one day I got in.” Computer Imaging, Realism, Tron
by Justin Morris

by Leighton Grist

Crimes of Mike Recket: An Interview with Gabrielle Rose and Bruce Sweeney
by Allan MacInnis

Occupiers, Collaborators and Resisters: Volker Schlöndorff's Calm at Sea
by George P. Lellis and Hans-Bernard Moeller

Suffer the Children
by Robert Cardullo


The Sixties Redux
by Scott Forsyth

Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills: Realism and the Politics of Everyday Life
by Florence Jacobowitz

Liz Garbus’ Love, Marilyn
by Richard Lippe

Post Tenebras Lux: “Why do people need explanations?”
by Susan Morrison

Ciné latino: Rencontres de Toulouse
by Alison Frank



Man(n) of the West(ern)
by Robin Wood

A Catalan Gaze Upon Ireland: Jose Luis Guerin's Innisfree
by Jerry White

Dostoevsky's Journey to Iran
by Anton Oleinik

Machines For Acting
Soviet Constructivist Theatre and the Use of Vertical Space in the Films of Joseph Losey
by Peter Jameson

Doubting Thomas: Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow Up
by George Porcari

Seeing Eye Gods: CCTV and Surveillance in Tati's and Kubrick's 1960s Space Odysseys
by Brian Gibson

The Actress: Art and Reality
by Richard Lippe

In The Seberg Style
by Arthur Nolletti Jr.

TCM Film Festival 2012
by Richard Lippe

De Palma's Vertigo: Femininity and Formal Design in Obsession
by David Greven

Contaminated Histories: Canadian Postcolonialism in Guy Maddin's Tales From The Gimli Hospital
by David Church

    91 ART + FILM

Sharon Lockhart and Steve McQueen: Inside the Frame of Structural Film
by Edward Bacal

A Room of Its Own: Screening Space and Spectatorial Experience in Yang Fudong's Fifth Night and Omer Fast's Continuity
by Maria San Filippo

The War on Art and Zero Dark Thirty
by Michael Boughn

Framing Death and Desire: Painted Portraits in Film Noir
by Steven Jacobs  and Lisa Colpaert
Concerning the Spiritual in Art: Magnificent Obsession and the Language of Expressionist Painting
by Victoria L. Evans

From Hephaistos to the Silver Screen: Living Statues, Antiquity & Cinema
by Vito Adriaensens

I Know It When I See It: Mona Lisa on the Move
by Kalani Michell
The Aesthetics of Slaughter: Leviathan in Context
An Interview with Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel
by Allan MacInnis

Seasons of Pain and Change: TIFF's "A Century of Chinese Films"
by Alice Shih

Le Festival International de Films de Fribourg 2013
by Alison Frank

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